Yin Yoga is based on a few floor postures practiced with an empathetic and accepting (allowing) approach. The method is intended to reach parts of the body that would otherwise not be involved in the more yang-like yoga (such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara) and is therefore a powerful complementary tool, which also prepares you for meditation. Yin Yoga provides an opportunity to reach deeper parts of ourselves, which in everyday life is not given so much space. We live in a culture of yang; of the fast, innovative and efficient – a constant entrepreneurship and expanding. Yin Yoga offers a counterpoint to this, a meeting with yourself as you are, without agendas or musts. It is a practice that emphasizes simplicity, serenity and empathy. Taoism is based on the idea that the opposite expressions of yin and yang need each other, to create and maintain balance. And that one does not exclude the other.

Course description

During this training you will learn how to teach Yin Yoga from a functional approach rather than an aesthetic or performance-related approach to yoga, with the aim of creating a meaningful experience for yourself and your students, to explore a personal yoga. You will study Yin Yoga with a therapeutic approach and promote awareness of what is happening in the whole person through the body. The training is aimed at those who want a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga.

Three modules

Module 1 – Anatomy of the BODY
Module 2 – Anatomy of the EMOTIONS
Module 3 – Anatomy of the ATHLETE

Each module consist of 50 hours of training. 
After module 1 you can choose your modules as you like.


Since I´m based in Sweden, I mainly teach my trainings there, in a collaboration with Yogayama (studios in Stockholm, Norrköping and Göteborg). There you´ll find my three modules, which means you can study 150 hours of yin yoga with me, at Yogayama.

I do teach international as well, if a studio send a request for a training.

Host a training

If you´re a studio owner outside of Sweden, and are interested in hosting one of my trainings, or if you know a studio who might be interested – feel free to contact me for more information.

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